We are immensely proud of our fleet of Jaguar Hearses and Limousines which also includes a Vintage Daimler DS420 Hearse and Daimler XJ40 Hearse providing options for families. Our vehicles are always maintained to a high standard and are available to hire to other local funeral directors. Because of this you may see our vehicles out on the road working with other Funeral Services. By doing this we are of course able to ensure that the price of use for our own families remains low and highly competitive.

If you are a Funeral Director looking to hire any of our vehicles for use with your own families, please give us a call on 0191 5161846.

We currently have a fleet of:

  • 2 Jaguar XJ Hearses
  • 1 Daimler XJ40 Hearse
  • 1 Vintage Daimler DS420 Hearse
  • 3 Jaguar XJ Limousines
  • 1 Jaguar XF Limousine
  • 1 Jaguar Executive XJL *

We have of course made adaptations to our vehicle hire since the start of the pandemic and each limousine is now fitted with a custom Perspex divider that completely separates the driver from the passengers, so they now seat 6 passengers in two rows of 3. All vehicles hired are deep cleaned and fogged with an antibacterial/antiviral fogging machine between funerals to keep our passengers safe.

* This is not currently being hired due to covid restrictions.

Limousine hire and COVID-19

The below information is being provided to ensure that we can follow the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) recent Covid-19 guidance regarding use of Limousines. Where possible passengers should be from the same household. Our Limousines have been fitted with a suitable dividing screen to provide a barrier between yourself and the driver. There is a maximum of 6 passengers per limousine as the front passenger seat is no longer suitable to use. Between each use both the interior and exterior of the Limousines are cleaned using disinfectant and a specialist sanitation fogging machine for our families safety.

All passengers are recommended to wear face coverings regardless of whether they are from the same household. The driver of the vehicle can provide you with disposable gloves and masks if you do not have your own. The driver will also provide access to handsanitiser and a waste disposal bag for the appropriate disposal of any used masks, gloves or tissues.

Upon arrival at the collection point, the driver will open the doors for the passengers and then stand back to allow them to enter. Once seated, the driver will close the doors and proceed with the journey. This process is to be repeated upon arrival at the funeral service venue and for any return journeys. Please allow the driver to open the doors and allow time for the driver to then stand back before entering or exiting the vehicle. All passengers should pay full attention to the driver and follow any instructions given.

If passengers are not from the same household and are required to travel together in the absence of alternative separate transport, the following guidance should be observed.

  • The number of people in each limousine should be kept as low as possible.
  • Face coverings must be worn, and windows should be opened to allow good ventilation.
  • If possible, keep at least 2 metres distance between passengers, maximising the distance through appropriate seating positions.
  • Passengers should face away from each other.
  • Passengers should wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds before and after each journey.
  • Passengers should avoid touching their faces and if they cough, use a tissue and immediately dispose of the used tissue in a bin/bag provided by the funeral director. If no tissue is available, they should use the crook of their sleeved arm.

Due to the new NHS Test and Trace please write a list of any passengers names and contact numbers on the back of this information sheet. Please keep this list for at least 21 days after the funeral.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of a Funeral Limousine please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification or advice.