Something New

As we try to move forward into the technological modern era Lamb’s Funeral Service made a decision to start offering families a social media funeral announcement alongside our usual offer to help facilitate a Press Notice to be placed in a local newspaper. Covid has affected so many areas of our work as a Funeral Service and Press Notices have been one of these areas. We were initially advised at the start of the pandemic to stop all press notices so that we were not encouraging large amounts of people to be gathering at a funeral service when only limited immediate family were able to attend. However, we understand that many loved ones wish to have a funeral announcement in some shape or form and so we were continuing to offer Press Notices that announced a death with an obituary that didn’t contain the date and time of the funeral. We have also begun to offer families the option of having this obituary published on our public Facebook page. We appreciate that this may not be something that is right for all families and so we will continue to have individual conversations and only post social media obituaries if appropriate.